— Richard Craig

New Disc

Over the past months I have been making recordings that will be featured on a new disc for the métier label, to be released sometime this year. Some of themes I have in mind revolve around linearity in music – my other disc inward was influenced by creating texture and an acoustic layering that can be achieved with one instrument. With the new disc I am returning to a more restrained and focussed way of playing. It felt apt to attempt to create an antithesis or response to inward in the more recent recordings, and yet to join both discs as a kind of bi-partite project which covers the past 10 years of my playing career. Creative Scotland are supporting the new disc and it will feature new works by Richard Barrett, John Croft, Fabrice Fitch, Esaias Järnegard and Evan Johnson. Soundcloud clips can be found here. Since being awarded a Creative Scotland Artist Bursary, I am also working on new projects involving composition/film and performance. More will be revealed later in 2015. Forthcoming concerts include SonADA in Aberdeen, Glasgow University and a trip later in the year to the US to perform Stockhausen, and a new solo work by David Revill.