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The winter season started with my release of Amp/Al – the collaborative efforts of artists Angela Guyton and composer Rodrigo Constanzo. The reactions to the disc so far range from ‘wild’ to ‘revelatory’! Being a departure from the terrain of contemporary classical flute and involving amplification>feedback making the disc has spurred on several other projects and ideas. There is a new review of the earlier disc inward which has appeared in the Swedish magazine Nutida Musik. A translation will follow.

A brief stop to Utrecht to perform in the Gaudeamus festival happened in September. ORDER, The flute and percussion duo by Esaias Järnegard was selected for the composers prize and I was performing alongside with the stellar percussionist Pontus Langendorf . The premiere of Pre-Seed by Domink Karski took place in San Sebastiàn on the 3rd of October and a second performance in Salamanca. Commissioned in 2009, the work focuses around  solo flute/s and small ensemble. A performance was finally realised thanks to the Smash Ensemble. Several trains, planes and hours later, the tour later continued performing alongside guitarist Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete performing works by Brice Pauset, Inaki Estrada, Takemitsu and Ferneyhough in the music academies of Krakow and Gdansk. A return to Smash is planned for December, in San Sebastián.


Winter holds several performances, starting with an appearance at the LiveWire festival at the UMBC in Baltimore, USA, giving classes and performing some of my own works as well as James Dillon, Brice Pauset and longtime collaborator Evan Johnson‘s émoi.  Distractfold, have programmed a volley of concerts including a performance of Lotuses by Jonathan Harvey and a premiere of a new work based upon the Agricola solo flute work by Fabrice Fitch. Another exciting addition to the repertoire is Kristian Ireland‘s new work for alto flute and amplification.

My connections to the sound festival in Scotland continue with the summation of an Arts and Science collaboration and a concert in Aberdeen Art Gallery. An engagement in Glasgow Universities concert series also sees the premiere of a new work for chamber ensemble by Halfidi Hallgrimson.

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 The premiere of Malédictions d’une furie was held in the Turner Gallery, Margate, on the 10th of May as part of the Sounds New Festival. Musicians: Lore Lixenberg as the Furie, Richard Craig (bass and contrabass flute), Robin Michael (Cello), Simon Limbrick (Percussion) and Carl Faia (electronics) and Video by Richard Craig. Live footage and recordings can be found here.

“..In a compelling 45 minutes, Lore Lixenberg recreated virtuoso gasps, arching melismas and vocalisation in the company of the haunting whispering and wailing of Richard Craig’s bass and contrabass flutes..”

Hilary Finch – The Times 13/05/12

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[Unity Capsule]  “Craig instills the piece – so often caricatured as a Sisyphean struggle against an unyielding notation – with fearsome confidence, swagger even. Thirty-five years on its challenges may have been parried, absorbed, reflected and dispersed anew, but it speaks now with a commanding and often beautiful authority.”  Tim Rutherford-Johnson The Rambler.
(Cover image courtesy of Howard Lynk)

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