— Richard Craig





Eyam navigates the turbulent and anarchic territory of contrabass wind instruments. Instigated in 2009, this research involves building sonic structures and language from the visual and acoustic architectures of these large instruments, animating the peculiarity of their rich spectrums and orchestrating such qualities into vibrant sonic sculptures through a variety of acoustic and electronic set-ups.

Ann Cleare

Currently the following pieces are in preparation:

Eyam I contrabass clarinet and five isolated loudspeakers For Carol McGonnell

Eyam II contrabass clarinet and large ensemble For Carol McGonnell and The Argento Chamber Ensemble, New York 2009

- due for completion in 2012 Commissioned by The Arts Council of Ireland

Eyam III contrabass flute For Richard Craig

Eyam IV contrabass flute, ensemble and electronics Research Residency at The Experimental Studio Freiburg des SWR 2012 – 2013

Eyam V contrabass clarinet and contrabass flute with orchestra For Carol McGonnell, Richard Craig, and The National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland Commissioned by RTÉ Music Commissions 2013-2014